Seth Binzer's nickname "Shifty Shellshock" was inspired by his unpredictable behavior during his youth.

He was a self-taught musician, who learned guitar and piano without formal lessons.

Binzer had a cameo in the music video for "Pink" by Aerosmith.

Seth was known for his unique fashion sense and often sported colorful and eccentric outfits.

Seth had a passion for skateboarding and often incorporated it into his live performances.

He performed DJ sets at various nightclubs under the name DJ Shifty.

Seth was an advocate for mental health awareness, often speaking about his experiences with depression and anxiety.

Seth had a strong spiritual connection and often incorporated elements of spirituality in his music and lyrics.

He was a fan of vintage cars and often attended car shows and collected classic automobiles.

Seth was a dog lover and had a soft spot for rescuing and fostering dogs in need of a loving home.