Crafting Your Guest Post: A Quick Guide

Would you want to post anything to our blog? Fantastic! For a successful approach, follow these fundamental guidelines:

  1. Quality Counts: We’re all in high-quality material, so give us your best pieces along with titles that are optimized for search engines.
  2. Polished Prose: Check for any spelling or grammar slip-ups before hitting send.
  3. Dive In Deep: Detailed articles are our favorite, aiming for at least 1000 words. There’s room for exceptions with hot topics.
  4. SEO Readability: Try to maintain good SEO readability i.e., avoid long paragraphs, not more than 300 words under a single heading and use enough transition words etc.
  5. Fresh and Exclusive: Make sure your piece is one-of-a-kind and hasn’t been published elsewhere i.e., 100% unique content.
  6. Original Ideas Only: Confirm your chosen topic hasn’t been covered on our blog before.
  7. Human Touch: We’re all for genuine content, so please, no AI-generated submissions
  8. Links with Purpose: Feel free to include only 2-3 relevant, non-promotional links in your content.
  9. Keep it Clean: No adult content, violence, or hate speech, please. Let’s keep it respectful.
  10. Picture Perfect: Add appropriate images that respect copyright rules.
  11. Tag it Right: Don’t forget to include relevant tags to help readers find your content.
  12. Introduce Yourself: Share a bit about yourself in your bio, including links to your site, blog, and social profiles.

We’re excited to read your unique insights!”

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