India vs. Bangladesh women’s Match: Harmanpreet losses 75% of match fee

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India vs Bangladesh
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Hello, dear readers! Today, we will dig into the world of cricket where recent events have sparked discussions and controversies surrounding the India vs. Bangladesh women’s cricket match on July,22. Emotions ran high during the presentation after the thrilling third ODI of the series, when the India’s captain, Harmanpreet Kaur directed some gestures towards the Umpires and Bangladesh cricket team, becoming the center of attention in the country.

An Intense ODI Battle: India vs. Bangladesh

The third ODI of the series ended in a tie, leveling the ODI series at 1-1. Bangladesh emerged victorious in the first match with the help of the DRS system while India made a strong comeback in the second ODI and thus leveled the series.

In the middle of all the excitement and tough competition, our very own 34-year-old Indian skipper, Harmanpreet Kaur stole away all the spotlight and emerged as the central figure in the thrilling match between the two teams. She expressed her displeasure with the umpires’ decisions during the decisive match when she was declared (leg before wicket) out.

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Following her dismissal, she appeared to damage the stumps with her bat, expressing her disagreement with the decision. After criticizing the umpires during the post-match discussion, she made a sarcastic remark about the Bangladesh women’s team which led the host team to boycott the joint photo session.

Umpiring Controversy

The umpiring decisions in the third game clearly frustrated Harmanpreet Kaur and her actions showcased her emotions on the field. A video that went viral after the match showed India’s captain gesturing towards the umpires, indicating their possible association with the Bangladesh team.

Consequently, the match referee fined Harmanpreet Kaur 75% of her match fee for her on-field behavior. She was fined 50% of her match fee for smashing the stumps with her bat and engaging in a heated argument with umpire Tanvir Ahmed. Additionally, her sarcastic comment during the presentation ceremony resulted in a 25% match fee fine, resulting in a total fine of 75% of her match fee. According to the officials it was a Level two offense in cricket.

Reactions from Legends

Madan Lal, member of 1983 World Cup winning squad, expressed his disappointment with Harmanpreet Kaur’s behavior and demanded strict action from the BCCI. He took to Twitter and criticized the Indian captain’s conduct, stating that her actions reflected poorly on Indian cricket.

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Reaction from Bangladesh Skipper

Bangladesh women’s team captain, Nigar Sultana, also criticized Harmanpreet Kaur’s behavior. She stated that her conduct during the match and the subsequent presentation ceremony was not appropriate for the cricketing atmosphere. She emphasized that cricket like any other sports is a game of discipline and respect.

Smriti Mandhana’s Support

In the midst of the controversy, India’s vice-captain, Smriti Mandhana, came forward to defend of her captain. She acknowledged that such incidents have been witnessed in men’s cricket as well. Mandhana believed that when representing India, players desire to win matches and sometimes emotions get the better of them. She asserted that Harmanpreet’s actions were momentary and did not indicate any deeper animosity towards anyone.

Yearning for a Super Over

After such a closely fought contest, both teams were tied in the ODI series. Smriti Mandhana revealed her excitement about the prospect of playing a Super Over to decide the winner. A Super Over is an exhilarating one-over per side decider.  It is where the team that scores the most runs wins the match. Unfortunately, due to prior scheduling constraints, the Super Over could not take place, and the series ended in a tie.

Wake up the Sportsmanship…

You know what’s fascinating about cricket? It’s just like any other sport which can get our emotions running high. We must always remember to keep the spirit of sportsmanship. At the end of the day, cricket is all about playing fair and building those wonderful relations among the players and teams. As fans, let’s hold on to that special spirit of the game and keep cheering for our favorite players. There are bound to be more thrilling matches in the future that’ll get us all pumped up. So, let’s enjoy the ride and celebrate the joy of cricket together!

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