Navroz: Embracing Parsi New Year 2023

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As the sun casts its golden rays upon the earth, a vibrant and joyous celebration unfolds within the Parsi community – it’s the Parsi New Year, also known as Navroz. The Parsi community consider the beginning of the new year auspicious. They consider that the new year bring for them a feeling of self-discovery, happiness and the blessings for the entire Parsi community. In this blog, today I’ll take my you all to explore the wonderful customs, meaningful moments and the joyous celebrations that make up the Parsi New Year of 2023.

Navroz: Welcoming the new Start

Parsi New Year, often referred to as “Jamshedi Navroz,” celebrates the first day of the Zoroastrian calendar. The word “Navroz” in itself explains its meaning i.e., “new day,”. It symbolizes capturing the happiness of this special time and about starting fresh and feeling hopeful for the upcoming time. This day fills them with positive energy, and it gives a message to do good things for the society and the community.

Although the entire world celebrates this festival in the month of March around Spring Equinox. But this auspicious festival of Navroz which is also known as Nowruz, falls in India in the month July or August. According to Reflections this is because the Parsi community in India follows the Shahenshahi calendar which do not account for the leap years. The result is that Navroz in India falls approximately 5 months after the date on which the rest of the world celebrate this festival. This year Parsi New Year happens to fall on 16th of August.

Since the past 3000 years this day marks the beginning of the Iranian or Persian New Year which is celebrated globally by different ethnicities. During this day, the Parsi community decorate their homes, offer prayers to God, prepare meals and invite their family and friends for get together.

Tradition carrying forward values

When Parsi New Year arrives, it brings along some really old traditions that come from the Zoroastrian belief. People carefully clean their homes and make them look nice. This gives the feeling of purity and cleanliness. They not only clean their houses and surrounding but they believe in cleaning their heart and soul. Families come together to do special prayers and ceremonies, hoping for good things in the year that’s coming.

Haft-Seen Table: A Feast for the Senses

One of the most visually captivating aspects of Parsi New Year is the Haft-Seen table. This intricate display features seven symbolic items, each beginning with the Persian letter “S.” The items include Sabzeh (sprouts), Samanu (sweet pudding), Senjed (dried oleaster), Seer (garlic), Seeb (apple), Somāq (sumac), and Serkeh (vinegar). All these represent the theme of rebirth, patience, love and vitality.

7 Symbols

Culinary Delights: Feasting for the Soul

During Parsi New Year, people enjoy eating a lot of delicious food. They have big meals with many tasty dishes to choose from.


Patra Ni Machhi

From fragrant Dhansak, a traditional lentil and meat stew, to crispy Patra Ni Machhi, a marinated fish dish wrapped in banana leaves, the Parsi cuisine tantalizes taste buds and reflects the community’s rich cultural heritage.

Attire for Navroz

In a cherished tradition, families gather at the fire temples, where they partake in thanksgiving prayers known as ‘Jashan,’ guided by the revered priest.


Adorned with reverence, one’s head is veiled within the hallowed confines of these temples – gentlemen don velvet caps with muslin long shirt known as ‘Sundra, and a gridle also called ‘Kusti’.

Parsi Men and Women Attire

While in India graceful ladies drape in elegant Gara sarees. Following the sacred rituals, joyous echoes of “Navroz Mubarak” resonate, weaving together wishes for a jubilant Parsi New Year.

Navroz: Having Fun Together

Parsi New Year isn’t only about spending time with family. Moreover, it also signifies to be happy and be merry through various activities such as parties, events, shows etc. Togetherness forms the base of this festival. This includes being together, staying strong and keeping their customs alive while also being open to new ideas. Their rich old tradition gives them power to adopt new changes and preserve their traditions simultaneously.

Welcoming Change with a Smile

As Parsis around the world come together to celebrate Navroz 2023, they also reflect on the year that has passed and set intentions for the year ahead. Parsi New Year is a moment when people can become better, come closer as a group and share positivity.  As change is the part of the continuous moving time, this celebration reminds us that if we are hopeful and united, then we can face any difficulty and challenges with ease.

Parsi New Year 2023 is like a colorful quilt made from old traditions, cultural treasures and new chances. As the Parsi community comes together to celebrate, they carry on the traditions of those before them and welcome whatever the future brings.  Navroz spreads the message of being together and also adopting to the new evolution.

“Navroz Mubarak”

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