Remembering Sridevi: A Whimsical Journey of India’s Iconic Actress

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Hello, lovely readers! Today, I’ll take you on a colorful journey down memory lane to celebrate the success and legacy of the most successful actress of all time. She was not only successful in her films but also in building a fan club which comprised of all age group. She is none other than the legendary Sridevi. Even though she’s not here anymore, her brightness still warms our hearts. And guess what? Google is joining the celebration too! They’ve put a fun and colorful picture as their doodle on their homepage to remember Sridevi on her 60th birthday, which is on August 13, 2023.

A Child Prodigy’s Beginnings

Sridevi, whose full name was Shree Amma Yanger Ayyappan, graced the world with her presence on August 13 in 1963. Can you believe that her journey as a performer commenced when she was a merely four years old. Talking about her start in the world of stardom! She made her entry into the world of cinema at a young age and left an everlasting impression in the history of cinema.

Journey to Bollywood

Her very first appearance on the silver screen was in a Tamil film titled “Kandhan Karunai,” where she shared the limelight with the legendary Jayalalitha. This was just the beginning of an enchanting tale. Sridevi continued to grace the screen with her youthful charm, embodying roles such as the young Muruga in “Thunaivan.” But her dreams were bigger than any screen could contain. She really wanted to be part of Bollywood and she was going to impress everyone with her talent and capture their hearts.

The Meteoric Rise

At the age of 19, Sridevi emerged as a leading lady in Bollywood, gracing the silver screen with “Solva Saawan,” where she shared the spotlight with the charming Amol Palekar. Her popularity kept on growing and on the other hand she was mesmerizing the audience through her roles. One such movie was the unforgettable movie “Himmatwala.” where she shared the screen with Jitendra. After that, she went on with an amazing adventure where she acted in more than 300 films with famous actors like Rajesh Khanna, Rajinikanth, Kamal Haasan, Amitabh Bachchan, Vinod Khanna, Sunny Deol, Shah Rukh Khan and many more.

A Natural Talent

At the tender age of nine, Sridevi took her first steps into the dazzling world of Bollywood with “Rani Mera Naam.” Imagine the thrill of stepping onto that illustrious stage at such a young age! What was really amazing about Sridevi’s story is that she never went to acting school. Her friends in the movies and directors were her teachers, and she learned from them really well. She was a natural, a silver screen enigma. As one astute critic put it, the film industry itself was her university and she was a star student who aced every lesson.

Sridevi’s Cinematic Triumphs

As mentioned earlier, the famous movie “Himmatwala” made her a huge star and this massive success gave her a long-lasting fame in the film industry. But that was just the start of her amazing story. She kept amazing people in movies like “Sadma,” where she made us feel sad and won a special award called Filmfare Award for Best Actress.


She even became the first woman superstar in Indian movies. In fact, she shattered records by becoming the first Indian actress to command a staggering Rs 1 crore for a film. Now that’s what we call blazing a trail!

Sridevi’s Iconic Presence

No one who saw it can forget the beautiful look she had in “Chandni” that made hearts feel so happy and excited. She changed the definition of saree in India. The way she wore chiffon sarees, it made her look really beautiful and graceful. Her part in “Mr. India” was thrilling and challenging which she portrayed with perfection and changed things. Moreover, she showed how good she is in movies like “Chaalbaaz” and “Lamhe.”


A Legacy That Endures

Till now it was only the first half of the exciting career. In the second innings of her career, she made even bigger impression than the earlier one. Her performance in movies like “English Vinglish” and “Mom” connected deeply with the audiences especially the mothers whose role in the family and society is always unnoticed.


Although this second entry was short, but she was a true treasure of Indian movies and her career lasted for many years, leaving a strong impact on the big screen.

A Tragic Turn

Like a sudden twist in a cinematic masterpiece, her story took an untimely turn. On February 24, 2018, the world was stunned by the news of Sridevi’s passing away. Found lifeless in her Dubai hotel room’s bathtub by her husband Boney Kapoor, her initial cause of death was attributed to cardiac arrest. However, the investigations revealed that her passing was the result of “accidental drowning,”. She left many unanswered questions and a vacuum that can never be filled.

Celebrating Sridevi’s 60th Birthday

A doodle dedicated to Sridevi by Google

The colorful doodle dedicated by google on her 6oth birthday reminds us that her memory lives on, and she will forever be in our hearts as a superstar that we love.  As we honor Sridevi, let’s think of the bright spirit who danced into our lives, the superstar who will always be a special part of Indian movies.

Her infectious smile, timeless grace and extraordinary journey continue to inspire generations. Although she is not with her fans, we wish her a Happy 60th birthday, we also extend our heartfelt gratitude for the magic and entertainment she brought into our lives. She will forever twinkle brightly in the cinematic sky.

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