Chandrayaan-3 Lands on the Moon: India’s Lunar Triumph

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Hello, my dear reader Congratulations! As India has accomplished a feat that many felt was impossible in a moment. It has permanently inscribed in the pages of history. I hope you all have already read my previous blog on Chandrayaan-3 (If not here is the link Chandrayaan-3: India’s Ambitious Lunar Mission Taking Flight Again – ( Do read it to understand Chandrayaan-3 in a better way.)

Chandrayaan-3, India’s lunar mission, has safely landed on the moon’s surface, putting India into the elite club of countries that have accomplished this extraordinary feat. With a roar of celebration that resonated through the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) compound, Chairman S. Somanath proudly proclaimed, “We have achieved soft landing on the moon. India is on the moon.”

This accomplishment is more than just science. It’s like India stepping onto the world stage, a really big moment in history and a sign of all 1.4 billion people coming together and dreaming big.

The Historical Landing: Beyond the Boundaries

The significance of the landing of Chandrayaan-3 cannot be emphasized. It positions India as only the fourth country ever to touch the moon’s surface and the first to venture into this specific lunar territory. As Somanath’s words echoed through the ISRO compound, the hearts of millions swelled with pride. It highlights India’s skills and strength. Additionally, it tells all of humanity that how much we put in and how hard we work decides what we can achieve.


India’s Space Expedition

India’s adventures in space have been truly amazing. Going around the moon and reaching Mars – India’s space story is about overcoming limits even when resources are not so much. Even with money challenges, India has sent satellites, explored space and done science that the whole world noticed. Chandrayaan-3’s landing on the lunar south pole makes this story even impressive. It shows that with big ideas and hard work, there is no end to the sky.

Chandrayaan-3: A Triumph Beyond Borders

The success of Chandrayaan-3 is way beyond a scientific achievement.  This landing happened at the right time, matching with India’s plan to become stronger and have a bigger role globally. As the Prime Minister Narendra Modi aptly noted, “Chandrayaan-3’s triumph mirrors the aspirations and capabilities of 1.4 billion Indians.” This isn’t just a space achievement; it’s a moment that encapsulates India’s growth and potential.

Chandrayaan-3: Binding the nation

Despite their many differences, Chandrayaan-3 brought everyone together. Prayers were offered by different communities at their respective praying centers for the success of the mission. Schools held special festivities, and a large number of people viewed the landing on YouTube.


A special gesture was shown by Mumbai’s police band which performed a special song for the scientists, demonstrating the significance of the occasion.

Journey of Chandrayaan-3 to the Moon

The journey of Chandrayaan-3 began in July and traveled to the moon in an efficient, fuel-efficient manner. As Luna-25, its Russian counterpart, faced challenges, Chandrayaan-3 pressed on with fortitude. Wanting to do better than a country that did great things in space before shows how India and Russia are going in different directions when it comes to space.

Getting Past Problems: What Keeps Them Going

When considering ISRO’s previous setback with Chandrayaan-2, the success of Chandrayaan-3 has a deeper resonance. Kalpana Kalahasti, the mission’s associate project director, said that the team’s determination to succeed this time was motivated by the failure of the previous attempt. The team was persistent, and it was ambitious to make things right, shows the spirit of India’s space program.

The Dance of Descent

Chandrayaan-3’s landing was a precisely choreographed dance of engines and maneuvers. Orbiting the moon since August, the lander underwent careful preparations before its descent. As it approached the lunar surface at over 3,700 miles per hour, a series of preprogrammed maneuvers initiated. The craft’s engines engaged during the “rough braking” phase, easing its descent. After a suspenseful 19-minute sequence, the lander touched down gently at 18:04 hours IST on 23rd August ,2023. All this happened 370 miles from the moon’s south pole.

Chandrayaan-3 to Reveal Moon Secrets

Chandrayaan-3’s job is not only to land; it’s also about discovering new things. Timed for a two-week period of sunlight, the lander and rover are poised to uncover lunar secrets. They’ll use special tools to study how hot or cold the moon is, how it shakes i.e., the seismic activities and rock composition. It will help the scientist and geographers all around the globe to present their theories regarding the origin of moon and its evolution with time.

India’s Future Space Adventures

Chandrayaan-3’s success is no less than a booster to India’s space future. India is getting ready for its first-time sending astronauts to space with Gaganyaan. This mission wants to put Indian space travelers into space using India’s own spaceship. Plans are also afoot for a solar observatory named Aditya-L1 and an Earth observation satellite in collaboration with NASA. Furthermore, India is planning a follow-up trip to Mars to its successful Mars orbiter mission.

Turning Point to the India’s Space Revolution

After many years of the government being in charge, India is letting private investors join its space missions, starting a new time of fresh ideas. ISRO’s missions that don’t cost too much conveys the message to the world that India can do great things even with not so much, and they’re changing how we explore space.

While ISRO keeps exploring space, a new group of space engineers in India are starting their own space companies. Inspired by SpaceX, these businesspeople are trying space exploration. India’s private space economy is worth $6 billion, and it’s predicted to grow three times by 2025. This shows how India can change and do well in the changing space world.

Heading to the Moon: Big Plans for People

Where Chandrayaan-3 landed, near the moon’s south pole, has amazing possibilities. Hidden ice in dark craters could be vital for future missions with people. The moon’s south pole is the focus for coming missions. The dream of people landing on the moon gets closer.

Why Water on the Moon is a Big Deal

Importance of water is not hidden to anyone. It is the most important compound for the human survival. It’s not just for drinking by astronauts. It can be converted into fuel for rockets and air to breathe by breaking down it into hydrogen and Oxygen. Discovery of Water on the lunar surface will change the entire scenario of space exploration. It will enable the space agencies across the world to establish a permanent space station on Moon. Which will help the scientist to carry out experiments with ease.

More than the Moon: India’s Huge Ideas

Chandrayaan-3’s success goes further than the moon. India is thinking bigger. In just two tries, India did something remarkable. Chairman of ISRO further stated that India’s future missions aims at Mars, Venus, asteroids and more.

Chandrayaan-3 landing well tells us that India really likes exploring space. As the world cheers for this big win, India’s space trip doesn’t stop. With Chandrayaan-3’s light to guide, India’s space journey will keep going to the stars and even more.

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