OMG 2: Balancing Sequels and Sensitive Themes

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We’ve all heard the famous saying, “Lightning doesn’t strike twice in the same place too often.” It seems to align perfectly with the film OMG 2 that stands important but grapples with a syndrome – not the medical kind, but what I call ‘Sequel Comparison Syndrome’ (SCS).

Quest of the Characters

Let’s break down the similarities between OMG 1 and OMG 2 first. Akshay Kumar who is known to mesmerize his fans with his presence on screen. This time, he steps into the divine role to assist not an atheist like before, but Kanti Sharan Mudgal, portrayed by the exceptional Pankaj Tripathi. Interestingly, both these ‘Kanjis’ aren’t lawyers by profession, yet they manage to outshine the legal experts with a bit of divine intervention.

Teen Troubles and Legal Battles

“OMG 2”-ever since its release you would have come across many texts and video reveling its story. A teenage son faces humiliation and bullying in school due to a rather sensitive subject. Kanti, a devout worshiper of Lord Shiva, faces a situation where he and his son are subjected to shame. Deciding to face the issue directly, he brings the school matter to court, creating a really interesting courtroom story. Yami Gautam‘s defense lawyer character, Kamini, adds another layer to the story.

OMG 2 Cast

Script Analysis: A Shift in Focus and Its Impacts

OMG 2 drew inspiration from Bhavesh Mandalia’s Gujarati play and Billy Connolly’s movie. In this sequel the plot takes an interesting turn as Lord Shiva’s devotee steps in to help another faithful follower. The aim? Not just winning a case, but also addressing the topic of self-love and acceptance. The conflict depicted in the story strikes the chord with the audience and thus seems to be authentic. Yet, there are moments when the balance falters and convenience take over. One example is the weaker connection between the characters compared to the original. This is like the anchor that holds the movie, but it also makes things tough and weak sometimes.

Theme of OMG 2 reflecting Society

OMG 2 takes the responsibility of stating the validity of the teaching of the Sanatan Dharma in the present scenario.  Moreover, the script of this movie has tried to depict the relevance of sex education and its benefits for the society.

Star Performance: Triumphs and Challenges

Pankaj Tripathi performance clearly shows how flawless he is in his acting skill. Moreover, he adds a magical touch to his characters through is expressions. His portrayal makes you forget there ever was a previous ‘Kanji’. Although Yami Gautam’s character is not fully supported by the script, but her strong performance leaves an incredible mark on the movie. Akshay Kumar, in his god-like avatar, provides essential support to the protagonist. While his portrayal of Lord Shiva’s omniscient nature is commendable, the connection with Kanji feels essential, making us favor the original.

Supporting Cast: Varied Shades of Performance

While Govind Namdeo and Arun Govil‘s performances are decent, they don’t match the strong supporting cast from the prequel. Pavan Malhotra’s shining moments grab attention and the portrayal of Pranlal Mutho’s character is hilariously deserving of more screen time.

Direction and Music: A Mixed Bag

Amit Rai takes a safe route in executing the script, leaving room for improvement. While the film handles a sensitive subject, not many risks are taken to elevate its overall look and feel. The background score falls flat, failing to enhance scenes. Musical elements fall short of leaving an impact.

Controversies Sparked

OMG 2 with its release has also sparked some controversies that has gracefully stepped onto the silver screen.  A portion of the online community and certain Hindu groups are not happy with Akshay’s portrayal of the divine messenger, Lord Shiva.

Boycott of OMG 2

From the city of Agra comes an intriguing offer—a local Hindu organization has reportedly put forth a reward of Rs 10 lakh for anyone bold enough to deliver a slap or a spit towards the Khiladi of Bollywood. Their reasoning? An alleged affront to the sentiments of the people caused by the movie’s portrayal. Meanwhile, the passionate members of Rashtriya Hindu Parishad Bharat have taken their displeasure to the streets, setting ablaze effigies of Akshay and consigning the film’s posters to the flames.

Their demand

They demanded an immediate cessation of the movie’s screening. These determined protestors have vowed to stand their ground outside the theatres. In this symphony of differing opinions, a voice that carries considerable weight has entered the fray. Spiritual luminary Sadhvi Ritambhara, an integral part of various Hindu organizations, has shared her qualms regarding ‘OMG 2’. She eloquently expresses that such concept from Bollywood is not mere celluloid entertainment but rather outcomes of an increasingly below standard attitude towards Hinduism.

Closing Thoughts

As we finish talking about the various aspect of this movie including the controversy, it’s easy to see that sequels come with both fun and difficulties. While maintaining the essence of a successful predecessor can be tricky, ‘OMG 2’ finds its moments of triumph amid the intricacies. A special mix of new ideas and old wisdom stands out, with great acting and interesting talks. Although the movie has some drawbacks, but it does not fail to leave its impression on the society and the history of Indian Cinema.

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