World Tourism Day September 27: Where Every Journey Begins

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world tourism day

Our life is full of activities that we perform both regularly and sometimes in a while. One of such activities is travelling from one place to another. It can be both situational and it can be associated with our hobbies. It is one of the most beneficial and refreshing activity that anyone can experience. Since it is directly associated with our lives it exposes us to new cultures, widens our horizon. Additionally, it promotes relationships with people from various backgrounds. The world Tourism Day is observed on September,27 each year. It gives us a chance to consider the importance of tourism and its impact on international community. Today, I’ll emphasize on the significance of World Tourism Day, its history and its impact through this article.

History of World Tourism Day

World Tourism Day started in 1980 because of a group called the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). They chose September 27th because it was an important day in 1970 when they made some rules for tourism. Since then, people all around the world celebrate this day to remind everyone how important tourism is. Tourism means traveling and visiting new places, and it’s important for many reasons like making friends, learning about different cultures, and helping the economy.

Every year, World Tourism Day has a special theme. This theme helps us focus on important things like taking care of the environment while traveling or making sure tourism benefits local communities. Some years, the theme is about technology and how it changes how we travel. These themes show us how travel is always changing and affecting the world.

The Significance of Tourism

Traveling to scenic locations and enjoying beach activities are only a small part of tourism. It’s a much bigger and more significant item. Here are some important things about tourism:

  1. Helping the Economy: Tourism helps a lot with money. It gives people jobs and makes businesses grow. In many countries, tourism makes a big part of their money.
  2. Meeting Different People: When people travel, they meet others who are not like them. They share their traditions and learn new things. This helps people be more understanding and friendly with each other.
  3. Keeping History and Culture: Sometimes, places and things from the past are saved because of tourism. Old buildings, special objects, and traditions are kept alive because people want to see them when they travel. The most visited places under this category are the UNESCO world heritage sites.
  4. Taking Care of Nature: Tourism can be good for the environment. The tourism sector and the general public are making efforts to protect the environment. They want to avoid causing it too much harm.
  5. Bringing Peace: Tourism can also help make peace between countries. When people travel and see how others live, it can make them like each other more and fight less.
  6. Learning New Things: Traveling is a way of learning. People gain knowledge of new concepts, foreign languages, and other cultures. They have more knowledge of the world when they return.
  7. Feeling Good: Tourism makes people feel good. They can unwind and take a break from their routine thanks to it. Healthy and happy people engage in activities like swimming, hiking, and traveling.

The Evolution of World Tourism Day

As a result of emerging technologies, shifting consumer tastes, and important global events, the tourist sector has seen substantial transformation over time. The tourism sector has seen the following notable developments:

  1. Using the Internet: The internet has significantly changed how we organize and travel. We may research topics, plan vacations, and read reviews of experiences from others using websites and applications. Our travel experiences are enhanced by fascinating technologies like virtual reality and augmented reality.
  2. Being Kind to the Environment: Some travelers care a lot about the environment. They want to travel in a way that doesn’t hurt nature. They like experiences that are good for the environment and also help the local community.
  3. Discovering New Foods: Food is now a big part of travel. When visiting new places, people prefer to sample unique and novel dishes. It’s an enjoyable method to discover a place’s culture.
  4. Adventure and Self-Care: Some visitors seek out thrilling excursions, such as hiking or practicing yoga. They also want to take care of themselves, perhaps by visiting a spa to unwind.
  5. Traveling Alone: An increasing number of people are doing solo journeys. They have the chance to discover themselves, grow in independence, and mature as persons.
  6. Making Travel Possible for Everyone: Efforts are being made to make travel possible for everyone, notwithstanding any physical or mental restrictions.

World Tourism Day: Challenges and Sustainability

While there are many advantages to tourism, there are also a number of issues that must be resolved for the sector to be sustainable. Several of these difficulties include:

  1. Over tourism: Popular destinations often suffer from over tourism, leading to overcrowding, environmental degradation, and strain on local resources. Sustainable tourism practices aim to mitigate these issues.
  2. Environmental Impact: The travel industry is a significant contributor to carbon emissions, pollution, and habitat destruction. Sustainable practices, such as eco-friendly accommodations and transportation, are essential for minimizing this impact.
  3. Cultural Preservation: Mass tourism can sometimes lead to the commodification of culture, where traditions are performed solely for tourists. Efforts are needed to protect and preserve authentic cultural experiences.
  4. Economic Disparities: In some cases, the economic benefits of tourism are not distributed evenly among local communities, leading to income disparities. Responsible tourism practices aim to ensure that the local population benefits from tourism.
  5. Health and Safety: The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the vulnerability of the tourism industry to health crises. A key objective is to ensure the wellbeing and security of both communities and travelers.

Celebrating World Tourism Day

On World Tourism Day, individuals, groups, and governments can come together to celebrate tourism’s advantages while simultaneously debating its disadvantages. Here are some suggestions for how to observe this Tourism Day:

  1. Take a Local Tour: Tourism doesn’t require a long trip to be celebrated. Spend the day discovering your neighborhood, going to museums, historical buildings, or parks you haven’t been to in a while.
  2. Support Sustainable Tourism: Choose eco-friendly accommodations, support local businesses, and engage in responsible travel practices. And try to leave a good impression on the places where you visit.
  3. Share Your Travel Stories: Share your travel experiences and insights on social media or a personal blog. We should inspire others to travel and explore the world with responsibility.
  4. Attend Cultural Events: Look for cultural gatherings or festivals taking place nearby or online. These occasions frequently open a window into the wide variety of our environment.
  5. Research Sustainable Tourism: Spend some time learning about sustainable tourism strategies and how to travel more ethically.
  6. Plan Future Adventures: Whether it’s a weekend break or a dream vacation, take advantage of today to start planning your next journey.


The significance of travel in our lives and the planet is brought home by World Tourism Day. It honors the wonder of travel, cross-cultural interaction, and the financial advantages that tourism offers to local economies. It also emphasizes the significance of ethical and sustainable travel in order to guarantee that future generations can take advantage of these advantages. Let’s honor the spirit of travel on this day, show respect for the places we visit, and work to make the tourism sector more inclusive and sustainable.

Happy World Tourism Day!

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