National Engineer’s Day: Birth Anniversary of Sir Visvesvaraya

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National Engineer's Day

Every year on September 15, we celebrate National Engineer’s Day. On this day we take chance to honor the brilliant minds. They are those brilliant minds who have developed the concepts and technology. This year, as we prepare to commemorate this momentous occasion in 2023, is a chance to consider the outstanding contributions engineers have made and are still making to society. So, Today I’ll discuss the significance of this day and the special role engineers play in determining the course of our future.

The Origin of National Engineer’s Day

The celebration of September 15th as National Engineer’s Day in India was initiated by the Indian government. The first Engineer’s Day was celebrated in India in 1968, and it has been observed on September 15th each year since then. This date was chosen to commemorate the birth anniversary of the renowned Indian engineer and statesman, Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya.

In India, Engineer’s Day has become more and more important over time. There are different ways of celebrating this day – some celebrate it by conducting talks, meetings and some by awarding engineers. All this represents the importance of engineers in the development of nation. Moreover, it encourages the young minds to pursue engineering as their career.

Why Engineer’s Day on Sir M. Visvesvaraya’s Birthday?

Apart from being an amazing engineer and leader, Sir M. Visvesvaraya made enormous contributions to the development of the country.  Because of all he accomplished, they decided to have a special day to honor engineers in India, and they chose his birthday for it. National Engineer’s Day is not only for paying a tribute to Sir MV, but it is also a source of inspiration for the young minds. Sir MV, as people often call him, was known for being a really good civil engineer and leader. He did a lot to help India grow and become better during the early 1900s.Here are some reasons why Sir M. Visvesvaraya’s birthday is chosen as Engineer’s Day in India.

Celebrating a National Icon on National Engineer’s Day

Sir M. Visvesvaraya was not only an accomplished engineer but also a visionary leader and statesman. In order to ensure the growth of India he made his contribution to different disciplines such as Engineering, Irrigation and Public Administration

Contributions to Infrastructure Development

krishna raja sagar dam

Sir MV was responsible for several significant infrastructure projects in India, including the design and construction of the Krishna Raja Sagara Dam in Karnataka and the establishment of the Mysore State (now Karnataka) as one of the most industrialized regions in India during his tenure as Diwan (Prime Minister) of the state.

Awards and Recognitions

Sir MV’s contributions were widely recognized both nationally and internationally. He was facilitated with the prestigious Bharat Ratna in 1955 for his unmatchable contribution.

Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya

Role Model for Engineers

Indian young engineers are inspired by Sir MV’s life and work. His entire life drives the young minds to do well in their field and contribute to help the country grow.

Education and Advocacy

Sir MV was a strong advocate for education and believed in the importance of scientific and technical education. In order to promote scientific and engineering temperament among the young talents he promoted the establishment of numerous engineering colleges and institutions.

Significance of National Engineer’s Day

National Engineer’s Day quietly conveys the message about the significant contribution of the engineers to the world. Thus it is an opportunity for us to recognize the hard work and dedication behind any innovations. Recently we have seen the success of Chandrayaan -3 and Aditya L1 which is the best example for this. If you come across someone who is silently working hard towards the success of cutting-edge technology to improves our quality of life– he is probably an Engineer. Often these talents fail to gain recognition in the society, but they never fail to give their best.

Sustainable Engineering for a Greener Tomorrow

Each year this day is celebrated with a certain theme to that adds up to the importance of this day. This year also a theme has been taken which represents the present-day issues. “Sustainable Engineering for a Greener Tomorrow” is the theme this year. This lays emphasis on the problems associated with environment such as global warming, rising seas level, increasing concentration of greenhouse gases and more. It also tries to adopt a long term solution for the same.

Sustainable engineering is when engineers make things that people need while not hurting the environment too much. Sustainable energy sources, improved waste management techniques and environmentally friendly transportation strategies are all being developed at the forefront by engineers. The emphasis of this year’s subject is on how crucial it is to give sustainability top priority in all engineering undertakings.

Notable Engineering Accomplishments

Let’s talk about some really cool things engineers have done recently to understand why National Engineer’s Day is important:

  1. Clean Energy: Engineers are working day and night on clean energy technology. This would enable to use energy produce from the sun, wind, and water. Some of these examples are tidal energy, wind energy, solar energy etc. The innovation of Biofuels marks one such achievement in this field. This helps a lot to reduce the stuff that makes our planet too hot (greenhouse gases) and to fight climate change.
  2. Cities and Buildings: Engineers are transforming cities into smarter, greener places to live. Better public transportation, eco-friendly construction, and methods to produce less rubbish are all being developed. City life is greatly improved as a result.
  3. Developments in health: Engineers are assisting medical practitioners by developing vital medical devices like ventilators and devices that monitor our wellbeing. Engineers through their hard work have successfully added robotic surgery to the medical field. The management of significant health issues has been greatly aided by these things.
  4. Space exploration: To explore locations beyond our globe, engineers are creating amazing machines like spacecraft and robots. Earlier starting from Sputnik by USSR, Voyager1,2 and Mariner 2 by NASA to the recent success of Chandrayaan-3 by ISRO, engineers have left a global impact in space Exploration. They’re aiding us in discovering great things about space, and who knows, we might even do so someday!


National Engineer’s Day isn’t just about saying how great engineers are now and in the past. But it also gives the message to look towards the future.  Moreover, the technologies like Artificial Intelligence, cloud computing, Machine Learning etc. which are being used globally are still under developing phase. Although, these ideas are in developing phase they have transformed the life of many across the globe.

Therefore, today, stop for a moment to recognize the engineers you know and the wonderful things they accomplish. Whether you’re an engineer yourself or you use the stuff they make, National Engineer’s Day is a time to cheer for the smart thinking that makes the world better. Let’s look ahead to the future with confidence because engineers will keep on making our world cooler and nicer.

Happy National Engineer’s Day 2023!

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